Ajamoda Powder for Joint Pain

Joint pain or arthralgia is caused by inflammation or degeneration of tissues in one or more joints. When associated with stiffness, swelling and painful joint movement it is called arthritis. Of the many drugs and preparations for arthritis documented in Ayurveda, Ajamoda powder is a simple and effective remedy. It is used internally as well as on the affected joints of the patient in the form of poultice.

Dose and mode of administration

  1. The dose of the formulation for adults is 1 to 3 grams and for children 125 to 500 mg, two or three times a day, with warm water.
  2. For local application as poultice, make a paste of the powdered seeds in warm water and apply on the affected joint.
  3. It is useful in dyspepsia and colic with or without joint pain, when taken with salt and warm water.

Precautions and safety aspects

  1. Ajamoda powder should not be used during pregnancy and nursing mothers are advised to take it under medical supervision.
  2. The diuretic action of Ajamoda works by irritating the kidneys and therefore should be used with caution in cases of renal disorder.
  3. Where joints are without swelling or inflammation but pain is dominantly present, massage with warm sesame oil can also be done following fomentation with Ajamoda seed powder.
  4. Persons having arthritis should avoid eating sour and cold items.
  5. Excessive use of the affected joints should be avoided.
  6. If pain does not subside within two to three days or joints develop effusion of fluid, medical advice should be sought.

Reference – Traditional Herbal Remedies for Primary Health Care

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