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Bajra Khichdi is loaded with lots of health benefits. Bajra or Pearl millet Khichdi health benefits are aplenty. Bajra Khichdi is one of the foremost popular food items within the West Indian states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. In fact, Rajasthan is where it’s primarily cultivated due to its high tolerance to extreme climates.

Bajra is usually consumed within the sort of flour. It is grey in color and tastes nutty. It is an excellent substitute for rice and wheat and may even be consumed together with rice and flour for optimum health benefits.

SriSatymev Bajra Khichdi contains Moth Dal, Husk free Bajra & Rice that means it is fully packed With healthy nutrients. Its high Antioxidant Levels may Reduce Chronic Disease Risk. It May Prevent Heat Stroke, may Lower “Bad” LDL Cholesterol Levels. It will help to Reduce Heart Disease Risk. Bajra Khichdi is rich in Potassium, Magnesium, and Fiber, Which May Reduce Blood Pressure.

1. Controls Anaemia

Bajra Khichdi is important for people that are affected by anemia. Bajra is rich in iron that helps prevent and control anemia. Iron also improves memory and cognitive abilities. Moth Dal is rich in iron that is very beneficial for this problem.

2. Controls Diabetes

If you’ve got diabetes, the only way to lead a healthy life is, to understand the ways to regulate and manage it. Bajra is rich in magnesium and helps to regulate the glucose receptors in our body, and lowers insulin resistance. We have different kinds of flour that will help to regulate the insulin as Rajgira Flour, Sabut Kala Chana atta, Oats Flour, Horse Gram Flour & A special mix flour for a diabetic person.

3. Relieves Constipation

Bajra Khichdi is loaded with insoluble fiber that aids the digestive process and movement. This sort of fiber doesn’t dissolve in water. Hence, it passes unprocessed through the stomach and aids other foods to maneuver through the gastrointestinal system easily and be eliminated out of the body. It works as a prebiotic to our gastrointestinal & digestive system.

4. Helps to Detox & Eliminate Toxins

Bajra Khichdi has many antioxidant properties because Bajra contains flavonoids. This helps us fight against infection, the anti-aging process, and promotes good skin and eye health. It also improves the metabolism and health of the bones. It helps to detox by eliminating free radicals from the body.

5. Strengthen Bone

Pearl Millet khichdi is the best choice for older people to scale back muscle ache & joints pain. It’ll improve their overall health. Matki or Moth dal is a good source of plant-based protein, fiber, and energy. This high-protein pulse is packed with essential micronutrients such as folate and magnesium. Matki or moth is an excellent source of B vitamins, iron, potassium, and zinc.

6. Prevents Cancer and Tumours

Food items filled with fiber help to stop carcinoma and tumors because it’s rich in phytochemicals. There has been conclusive evidence that ladies can minimize their propensity to carcinoma by the maximum amount of 50% if they’re consuming a minimum of 30 grams of Bajra per day. Moth Beans or Moth Dal are rich in antioxidants like phenols, carotenoids, and flavonoids. These antioxidants help reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, and age-related degenerative conditions.

7. Alleviates Asthma

Bajra Khichdi is very beneficial for people that have chronic asthma because it contains Omega-3 oils that have anti-inflammatory properties.

8. Prevents Gall Bladder Stones

Bajra Khichdi is rich in insoluble fiber that reduces the secretion of excess bile in our body. This causes you to less susceptible to gall bladder stones.

9. Promotes Weight Loss

Bajra Khichdi contains complex carbohydrates and is slowly absorbed into the body. This causes a way of fullness for an extended period of time and a uniform flow of energy. This, in turn, helps control binging between meals and helps weight loss.

10. Keeps the guts Healthy

Bajre Khichdi Recepi-

Like all other grains, Bajra is sweet for the guts because it’s good amounts of Omega-3 fats, magnesium, potassium, fiber, and plant lignans. Omega-3 oils help lower vital sign, triglycerides, and also regulates cardiac rhythm and artery health. Magnesium helps lower vital sign that protects against attack or stroke. Potassium helps to scale back BP because it’s an honest vasodilator. Fiber lowers bad cholesterol and hence protects the guts. Matki or Moth dal is also rich in iron which plays an important role in red blood cell formation, maintaining immunity, and fighting fatigue.

A delicious, warming and nutritious recipe from The SriSatymev, Bajre Ki Khichdi, or Bajra Khichdi are made using Bajra or Pearl Millet, rice, and lentils. It is a wholesome dish that’s a winter favorite, excellent for teenagers & old people. Also called Bajre Ka Khichdi or Khich in some parts of Rajasthan, Bajra Khichdi may be a sort of porridge that’s made with Bajra (Pearl Millet), Rice, and Moong Dal.

Easy, delicious, and filled with nutrition, this dish made up of Pearl Millets takes little or no time to cook and is ideal to form for your weekday meals. This Khichdi Mixture is also good to incorporate in your everyday meals because it is rich in Magnesium which promotes heart health. It also has potassium, iron, and fiber, which are essential nutrients required for our body.

Bajre ki Khichdi is flavored with ginger and green chilies to form it even more delicious. Once it’s made, it’s topped with Desi Cow Ghee, which may be a welcome addition to your meals during this season. If you would like to form it more filling, you’ll add vegetables of your choice too.

To add that much-needed spiciness to the present rather simple Bajra Khichdi, you’ll add in some green chilies. You’ll adjust the number of green chilies as per your taste. Skip adding the green chilies, if you’re making it for your kids. To enhance the flavor furthermore, also add the ginger, hing, cumin seeds, and salt. You’ll even add in some vegetables if you wish to form it more filling and wholesome.

How to Make Bajre Ki Khichdi For Weight Loss

Wash & soak the Bajra Khichdi mixture in water for 20 minutes.

Add the cleaned Khichdi Mixture to a pressure cooker (3-4 liters). Add salt to taste, hing (Asafoetida), Cumin seeds, ginger, and green chilies within the cooker. Now add water and blend everything well. Cover the lid of the cooker.

Pressure cook the khichdi for one whistle on high heat. Now simmer the warmth to low and cook for 10-12 minutes. Remove the cooker from heat and let the pressure release on its own.

Remove the lid and blend the Khichdi nicely employing a wooden or wire whisk. Add some more water if it’s too dry and cook for a moment. Cooked khichdi mashed with a whisk.

Serve hot with a dollop of Pure Cow Ghee, kadhi, jaggery, and buttermilk.

 Special Tadka Khichdi

Take & heat a pressure cooker & put 5 tbs of Ghee. After melting the ghee add Tejpatta, Chopped onion, Green Chilli, Garlic, Ginger alongside 4 Cloves, Hing (Asafoetida) & Black Cardamom. Add tomato once onion becomes brown. Add Salt, Turmeric & Coriander powder. Mix everything then add the washed Bajra Khichdi Mixture, add water & close the lid.

Pressure cook the khichdi for one whistle on high heat. Now simmer the warmth to low and cook for 10-12 minutes. Remove the cooker from heat and let the pressure release on its own.

Serving Suggestions

Traditionally in Rajasthani households, Bajre Ki Khichdi is served with a dollop of ghee and kadhi, but you’ll even have it on its own with some pickles, chhaas (yogurt-based drink popular across the Indian subcontinent), Cow ghee, and jaggery.

It also can be served alongside fresh yogurt or any Raita of your choice. You can have Papad and Coriander Mint Chutney along with this Bajra khichdi.

Other Variations Of Bajra Khichdi

Mixed Vegetable Bajra Khichdi – to form it more filling, you’ll even add vegetables during this khichdi like Potato, Cauliflower, Carrot, Beans, Green Peas, Tomatoes, Onions, Paneer, etc.

Dal and Bajra Khichdi – In this variation, rice isn’t added to the khichdi. It is made with just a mixture of Bajra and Dal. This is often also a no onion no garlic version.

Fried Onion Bajra Khichdi – Onions are thinly sliced, fried till golden brown, and added to the Khichdi.

Along with Bajra, Moth Dal and Rice are added to form Khichdi. You’ll also use Green Moong Dal to make this Khichdi. Experiment and add in two or more dal during making this Khichdi.

Spicy Masala Khichdi – Alongside veggies, you’ll boost the khichdi with everyday spices like Red Paprika, Turmeric powder, and Coriander powder, Gram Masala powder, Etc. Bajra is a very nutritious millet that’s required in winters because it helps to combat the acute cold.

You’ll easily find them on the SriSatymev website nowadays. Don’t wait add a healthy recipe to your diet plan & have a healthy life.

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