Home remedies for Fever

  1. Giloya/ Guduchi (Tinospora) kadha:- Take 60 gms of a thumb thick pieces of Giloya. Remove outer thin layer. Add half teaspoonful powder of dry ginger. Add 10-12 glasses of water. Boil on slow fire. When three glass full decoction remains, cool it. Give half a glass of freshly made decoction.
  2. Juice of leaves of holy basil (Tulsi)1-2 tea spoon (5-10 ml.) mixed with half tea spoon (2.5 gm.) black pepper (Kali marich) powder, to be given warm thrice a day.
  3. One tea spoon (5 gm.) coriander (Dhania) powder mixed with one pinch dry Ginger (Sonth) in one glass of warm water and keep it for overnight, then sieve it in the morning and to be given.
  4. China grass tea: Tea prepared with China grass is a refreshing decoction for someone suffering from simple fever.

Referral criteria: If fever is not controlled within 2-3 days and joint pain or shivering appears, consult a Doctor.

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