Home remedies for Leucorrhoea – (Safed Paani)

It is also known as the ‘white discharge’ or ‘Shveta Pradar’, due to discharge of white fluid from the vagina. The vaginal flow is foul smelling, viscid (tenacious) and thick that stiffens the linen. This is a serious condition, which if not treated for a long time, may cause other problems. In this condition doctor must be consulted; however some remedies may be used.

Common Remedies

  1. Paste of flower of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (Gudahal) one tea spoon (5 gm.) to be taken empty stomach.
  2. Powdered root of Amaranthus (Chaulai) or Country Mallow (Bala/ Khireti) to be taken with water (rice wash), twice a day.
  3. Amla churna (Powder) -5 gms in the morning and evening with honey.
  4. Soak dry coriander (Dhania) in 125ml water at night and drink the contents, after sieving, for 7-10 days (to be taken in the morning).

Advice: Ensure cleanliness of vaginal passage daily.

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