Home remedies for Menstrual cramps / Pain (Dysmenorrhoea)

During menstrual period some women/ girls have pain in the lower belly or lower back, sometimes called cramps. It may begin before bleeding or just after it starts.

Home Remedies

  1. Garlic is specially recommended; take 5-7 garlic pods per day after removing the outer covering. You can reduce the pungent smell, by taking along with butter milk or lemon juice.
  2. Extract juice from Kumari or Aloe Vera pulp and take one teaspoonful of it internally.
  3. Three gms. powder of black tila (sesame), dry ginger (Shunthi) and aloe (ghritakumari) in equal quantity and 1 gm jaggery with tepid water twice a day or decoction of above drugs including jaggery in the dose of 10-20 ml. twice a day is indicated for scanty menstruation.

Other important things to remember during Menstruation

  1. Hygienic sanitary pads should be used during menstrual period.
  2. Some girls prefer to make their own pads out of folded cloths or pads of cotton, these pads must always be clean and dry when worn.
  3. Pad should be changed frequently as required and disposed off by burning out doors in a large empty container.
  4. It is important to wash outer genitals well with luke warm water every time while changing the pads.

Some Do’s

  • Do exercise, walk and run
  • Rub your lower belly. This helps the tight muscles to relax.
  • Fill a bottle or some other container with hot water and place it on your lower belly & lower back or use a thick cloth you have soaked in hot water.
  • Drink tea with ginger.

Some Dont’s

  • Avoid fried food, pulses and sour food items.
  • Avoid foods that will cause constipation, especially during the last week of menstrual cycle.

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