Home remedies for Wound Care

If the small cut or abrasion is there.

Home remedies

  1. Application of ice on bleeding wound until the bleeding stops.
  2. Turmeric (Haldi) in oil is an excellent anti-septic. For abrasions and small cuts, application is enough. Dressing is not required in such cases.
  3. Aloe is a good wound healer and a natural dressing too. Cut a piece of aloe across its length and of the wound size. Put the raw cut side of aloe and tie it on the wound with cloth. Replace aloe dressing every day.
  4. Application of Neem oil is a good substitute. For bigger wounds, you may put it on the dressing pad.
  5. Raw papaya pieces can be an effective dressing. This is especially good for infected wounds.
  6. You can wash the wounds also with Triphala kadha.

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