Detect Fake Products of Sri Satymev

Fake Products of Sri Satymev are in circulation on Amazon and on other websites.

To purchase Original Products of Sri Satymev, purchase directly from our official website or to purchase from, follow these steps:

For example, if you want to buy Sri Satymev Shikakai Powder, search Sri Satymev Shikakai Powder on The following screen will show up:


Now some points to take care of:

Sri Satymev do not provide PRIME DELIVERY on

This price is given by people who are doing BRAND INFRINGEMENT.


To purchase ORIGINAL Products, click on the product name. Then the following page will show up:

Raintech Online Store is one of the Companies who is circulating FAKE PRODUCTS of Sri Satymev.

To purchase Original Product, click on 2 offers, and select SRI SATYMEV (OFFICIAL).

In many cases, people buy fake products and gets offended due to poor quality and gives bad reviews to Brand profile on Amazon but in reality, they have not even purchased the Original Product.

Currently, Sri Satymev products are only available on its Official Website and on Any other website claiming to have our products our fake.

Some of the companies who are circulating Fake products are Raintech Online Store, Aapkidukaan, Phoeinx etc