Prevention and control of Diabetes Mellitus

Ayurveda emphasizes on preventive aspects. It laid the concepts of Dinacharya (daily regimen), Ritucharya (seasonal regimen), Sadvaritta (moral conducts) and Achara Rasayana (social conducts) as well as established guidelines for Ahar (dietary regimen) and Vihar (lifestyle) as mentioned in Unit-3. First line of prevention and control as per Ayurveda is Nidan Parivarjan i.e avoidance of the consumption of aetiological factors of the disease. Addiction to the pleasure of sedentary habits (Asya sukham), sleep(Swapna sukham), soup of the meat of domesticated and aquatic animals and animals inhabiting marshy land (Gramya- AudakAanup Mamsa), freshly harvested food articles (Navaannapana), freshly prepared alcoholic drinks, preparation ofjaggery (Guda Vaikrita) and all kapha- aggravating factors are responsible for causation of the disease and hence should be avoided. Accordingly following measures are to be followed-

I. Do’s (Pathya)

  1. Diet planning: Intake of yava (barley), mudga (green gram), old rice, whole wheat atta, bitter gourd, drum- stick, green leafy vegetables, methi, patola (snake gourd), pumpkin, garlic(Lasuna), Turmeric (Haridra), cucumber, watermelon, buttermilk, triphala, Aloe(kumara) and fruits like Guava, oranges, Indian blackberry (jamun) etc. are beneficial in diabetic patients.
  2. Dincharya (daily regimen) and ritucharya (seasonal regimen) is to be followed. Timely intake of diet.
  3. Daily exercise/ increase calorie consuming activities (walking, swimming, etc.)
  4. Reducing stress by Yoga and meditation. Yogasanas such as Paschimottanasan, Halasan etc.
  5. Restrict and reduce weight.
  6. Regular use of rasayana drugs like Guduchi, Amalaki, etc.
  7. Get Blood Sugar checked regularly and if high consult doctor and follow advice. After 40 years, blood sugar should be checked regularly. If person is overweight, the blood sugar level should be checked even before the age of 40 years.
  8. Take advice of doctor for regular tests e.g. kidney function, eye check up etc.
  9. Take utmost care of personal hygiene especially of feet and hand.
  10. Don’t stop or change medication on your own or advice of friends.

II. Dont’s (Apathya)

  1. Intake of rice, sugar/ sugar products, dairy products like, sweets, ice cream, chocolate, candies, fried foods e.g. poori, parantha, junk food e.g. aerated drinks, pizzas, burgers, and other kinds of fast foods, potatoes, sweet potatoes, fruits with high sugar e.g. grapes, mangoes, banana and processed food etc.
  2. Sedentary lifestyle
  3. Sleeping during daytime and excessive sleeping.
  4. Smoking, Tobacco, Alcohol.
  5. Injury and wounds, immediately consult in case of injuries / skin infections.

III. Useful Ayurvedic herbs for diabetes

  1. The extract (Satwa) of Giloya in combination with other herbs like Triphala(Haritaki, Bhibhitaki & Amalaki) is beneficial for Diabetes.Svarasa (juice) of Bilwa (bael) -15-30 ml, to be taken three times a day.
  2. Svarasa (juice) of Guduci 15-30 ml, to be taken thrice a day
  3. Powder of Madhunasini- 3-6gm, to be taken with warm water thrice a day.
  4. Powdered flowers of Palasa (bastard flower) -10 gm, to be taken with Luke warm water thrice a day.
  5. Powdered seed of Jambu is to be taken in 3 to 6 gm dose with water three times a day.
  6. The chewing of Jamun leaves prevents the conversion of starch into sugar.
  7. Bitter Gourd Juice: Juice of Bitter gourd / Karela (30 ml) may be taken on empty stomach daily in the early morning.
  8. Methi Seeds (Fenugreek seeds) are useful to minimize the signs and symptoms of diabetes. Methi powder 3-6 gm with water to be taken two times a day.
  9. Amla: The juice of Amla (Embelica officinalis) (20 ml) twice a day is good for diabetic patient. The powder of Amla fruit 3-6 gm with warm water may also be taken twice a day.
  10. Snake gourd: Decoction of equal part of Patola (snake gourd), Neem and stem of Guduci (15 to 30 ml.) be taken thrice a day.
  11. Darvi (Daru Haridra) decoction along with Triphala and Honey is also indicated in Diabetes.
  12. Vijaysar Churna: Pterocarpus marsupium bark may be taken in the form of powder 3-5 gm with water twice a day. Also, the vijaysar stem may be kept in water overnight. Drink it in the morning empty stomach.
  13. Fruit juice of Amalaki (Amla) -15-30 ml and juice of rhizome of Haridra(turmeric) -15-30 ml to be taken thrice a day.
  14. Decoction of equal parts of leaves of Patola (snake guard) and Nimba (neem) , fruit rind of Amalaki (amla) and stem of Guduci (giloy)-15-30 ml to be taken thrice a day.
  15. Powder stem of Sariva (Indian sarsaparilla)- 1 part, Tejapatra (Tamalleaf) -1 part and root of Yastimadhu (mulethi) – 1 part to be taken in 1 gm dose with 50-100 ml water twice a day.

IV. Some simple home remedies

Haldi (turmeric) is a powder of a root. It is widely used in our country in food as spice and as medicine. Its medicinal antiseptic properties have been known for hundreds of years. Haridra juice with Amalki Juice is indicated in Diabetes. Haridra powder 1-3 gm with luke warm water may also be taken two times a day.

Dalchini (Cinnamon powder): This is one of the important natural home remedies. First take one litre of drinkable water. Add 3-4 tbsp of cinnamon powder and heat it for 20 minutes. Strain the mixture and made it cool. Drink it every day.

Triphala is a very useful combination of three fruits: Aamla, Hirda, and Beheda. We can use the Triphala powder in constipation. It is useful to reduce obesity and diabetes. Its external application is very useful for healing wounds. Triphala powder can applied on skin at the time of bath. Its decoction is useful for gargling in illnesses such as sore throat, stomatitis, and bleeding gums. Triphala powder is also used as tooth powder and vision disorders.

Oil massage is good for pain in the joints. Medicines may still be necessary for joint pains. Sesame oil or coconut oil is considered good for massage. Massage improves blood circulation in the skin. Head massage with oil helps to overcome sleeplessness.

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