MulBerry Leaves | Shahtut | Tuti| Weight Loss | Healthy Herbal Tea

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• Lowers Blood Glucose Levels
• Reduces Bad Cholesterol
• Anti-Inflammatory Effects
• Cold Symptoms
• Weight loss
• Blood Vessel Health
• Contains Magnesium
• Fights Diabetes
• Fantastic Beverage
• Fights Atherosclerosis
• Contains Vitamin B2
• Vision
• Antioxidant
• Nutritious Contains Minerals

How to Prepare Mulberry Tea
The pure water about 200 to 250 ml should be boiled.
The pot should be placed one teaspoon of Mulberry leaf.
Then water should be left to cool down.
The water temperature should be around 160 to 200 degrees F (71 to 93 C).
The little water should be poured over the leaf to rinse.
The pot should be filled with water and it should be steep for 3 to 5 minutes. Then pour, serve, and enjoy.